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Here are a just few of the glowing testimonials we have received…

Schools who have commissioned 4YP to deliver their CIAG

Dee has worked as a fantastic ambassador on behalf of 4YP this year.  Her support has meant that all children in year 11 have had an opportunity to meet with a careers adviser and many have had follow up appointments as they found her so useful.  

In addition, Dee has helped us to circulate careers opportunities via our parent mail and keeps us informed of other opportunities that we can pass onto students.  However, Dee has also added a personal touch to the information issued by using her knowledge of particular students in our school and suggested that these individuals are encouraged to look a specific alerts. 

We are very much looking forward to our second year of the careers workshop that 4YP have to offer to ensure that our year 10 students are prepared for their next steps.

Finally, we have also been very lucky to have Dee as our 4YP correspondent, as she has been extremely supportive, caring and committed to our children.    

Nicola Kelly
KS4 Leader Priory Academy

4YP Testimonial Queensbury Academy

4YP have been working with us here at Queensbury Academy for 6 years. 

They have provided a clear framework of careers advice and guidance in many forms. 

As a result of their support we have been able to offer every student in year 11 an individual careers interview to help them make the right choices post 16.  Year 12 and 13 have also benefited from similar careers interviews and this has greatly helped our students who are looking for alternatives to university, such as apprenticeships and local FE colleges.  4YP have also ran interviews for students lower down in the school based on the individual needs of the students.  This has been very helpful in guiding students at an earlier age, especially those that may drift without developing any form plans for the future.

4YP have also been a great source of support when we have needed to find work experience for individual students, especially those at risk of becoming NEET.  These students are often vulnerable and have specific needs and 4YP have always sought to help in a sensitive way.  Reaching out to a larger audience 4YP have been very helpful in developing our Academy’s links with other careers bodies.  This is shown through are annual careers fair and the number and wide variety of stalls on offer.  4YP has been a great support in helping us to build this annual event by giving us contacts of other companies we have been able to invite.

Finally the expert knowledge that is required in school cannot be provided in house.  4YP have their finger on the pulse in terms of all of the latest initiatives, programmes and opportunities both locally and nationally.  My only regret / complaint is that we have not enough funding to be able to have 4YP in more regularly than the agreed once a week provision.  I would like to see this expand in the future, to help us reach out to more of students, giving them the expert guidance and support that 4YP have.

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