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Here are a some glowing testimonials we have received from some young people…

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Young person who accessed our mentoring service

‘I feel like 4YP mentoring has helped me gain confidence in myself. I always felt listened to, and that I actually mattered. My mentor helped boost my low moods and it was just comforting to know someone was there. The sessions were always beneficial and I could choose what I wanted to do. I would 100% recommend 4yp as they have caring friendly mentors who go out of their way to elp you. Overall I am very thankful for the support I received and it has helped me feel like I am not alone’ CG

‘The mentor service has been helpful to me, it helps having someone to talk to. It has helped me improve in school and I would recommend this 4YP service to my friends and anyone in a similar situation.’ Thank-you CC

Young People who received a careers interview:

Hi, thank you so much for today’s interview and for forwarding these documents! It really helped me to become clearer about my future and career opportunities.

Thank you again,

Yours Sincerely,

CS Vandyke Y11

Hi, thank you for the email! It was great to meet you too. Your guidance was definitely needed and you did a wonderful job. I couldn't thank you enough! You have definitely made more of an outline to my career. Planning my future and knowing that I have the self will to reach those goals gives me such a satisfying feeling and it motivates me even more. I looked more into courses in Hungary and I found out just now that there is a university in the same city that my grandad lives in!


I'm perfectly fine with you sharing the email. If anything I really enjoy talking about my future and I'm really excited for what's in store for me.

Thanks again
EW Stratton Upper Y9

Hi, in reply to your email, I did find that careers meeting helpful; it helped me understand what choices I have in order to help me with getting my qualifications for the job I want and it also gave me an idea of what exactly I need to focus on and improve in order to get the needed qualification. After that meeting,I looked for work experience in hospitals and other places relevant to the experience I need for my job and I did find a few, however I wanted to focus on my study first and gain work experience later as I thought it was more important to focus on revision at this time that worrying about work. 

Thank you for making it possible to arrange that meeting back in November I do think it helped me a lot with my choices.

Samuel Whitbread Academy

The impact we can make
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